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WP Teamer helps you set up a neat team page. The whole thing is made responsive with bootstrap.


  • Create multiple teammembers and departments
  • Makes use of custom post type and taxanomy
  • Usage via a easy to use shortcode
  • Choose wich department via shortcode
  • Multiple social media for each user.
  • Responsive
  • Build on bootstrap

How to install

  • Upload the files to the wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  • Activate the plugin.
  • Create teamers and departments

How to use

  • Via the menu WP Teamer-> Add teamer, create a Teamer item.
  • Via the menu WP Teamer -> Departments, you can create a Department in wich you can put several teamers. Just like a Category when you’re creating Posts.
  • Add the shortcode to the page where you want to display the teamers like so:

How to use the shortcode

There are several options to the shortcode wich I will explain below.

  • Normal, no options, all teammembers will be shown. The information will slide to the left, in 500ms with the “Swing” effect:
  • You can change the order that the information will slide to like this. Options are: top, right, bottom, left:
    [wp_teamer direction="bottom"]
  • You can change the easing method like this. You can find all easing options right hereĀ http://easings.net/:
    [wp_teamer easingmethod="easeInSine"]
  • Change how long the animation takes before it ends:
    [wp_teamer easingspeed="1500"]
  • Only show teammembers from one department:
    [wp_teamer department="design"]
  • A combinations of all above is allso posible like so:
    [wp_teamer direction="bottom" easingmethod="easeInSine" easingspeed="1500" department="design"]


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